guide, driver in Kyrgyzstan, tourism, travel, excursions, hiking

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guide, driver in Kyrgyzstan, tourism, travel, excursions, hiking, 100$

Москва | 12 мая 2020, Danil, номер: 79342, просмотры: 39
    Hello! My name is Daniel. I work many years as a private guide in Kyrgyzstan. I know all tourist places of this amazing country and I would like to share my impressions with my guests. I would be happy to show you the most amazing and interesting stories of my mother land. I speak Russian, English and French. I offer you the services of guide and driver in all regions of Kyrgyzstan. And of course there are a lot of jokes and surprises in my excursions and tours.
    Tel: +996 550 50 59 77, WhatsApp: +996 550 50 59 77,
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